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My Code Made it to the Arctic

I can’t believe it. How come? I barely ever really contributed. Yet, what a joy! One of the open source program that I developed made it to the arctic, to a vault where it will be stored for generations to come. I surely was hopping. But still seeing the badge on my GitHub profile was a big surprise.

For those who did not yet hear about it, GitHub has decided to archive 21TB of repository data in the arctic. The program is called GitHub Archive Program. The data was stored on 186 reels of piqlFilm (digital photosensitive archival film). Which are not only readable by computers but also by humans, using a magnifying glass.

The program I developed was a simple one. With plain C language. I barely have any star (likes) on it. Sure, it uses multi-threading and I/O, but nothing out of the ordinary. I guess they just wanted a snapshot of common code sources. I will investigate further into their selection criteria.

Additionally, I would like to know how many badges were issued? and the number of repositories that were archived? I will update this article once it becomes clear. If you happen to have an idea please do share. Also, feel free to ask any other question, and don’t forget to clap ;)

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