Best Indicator of a Second Wave (Corona-Virus)

The world is still struggling with the corona-virus. And giving the huge incubation period it is really hard to foresee the upcoming rise in the number of cases. However, a recent recommendation by the French authorities may be the solution. This latter suggests using wastewater as a real-time indicator of the number of cases.

The motivation behind this method is that the traces of the virus can be found early on in human feces; even before the apparition of symptoms. Additionally, it is independent of the number of tests issued and their coverage. Finally, this method is anonymous and independent of the goodwill of the people to be tested or not.

I will not go to say that this is the only method that is efficient and must be used in all cases. But given the current stage at which we are and the advancement of the corona-virus in the world it is the one that captures the infection at a large scale. Testing and contact tracing are far beyond us. The virus is widespread.

I left a few references below for more details on the technique. Feel free to read for additional information (although some of them are in French). Otherwise, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment. And don’t forget to clap.

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