Android Applications: Extracting the Source Code

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to extract the code source of an android application. Starting with the name of the application we will be able to access the JAVA code source.

I assume that the used operating system is Linux (in my case Ubuntu 16.04).

STEP 1: Download the APK File

STEP 2: Decompress the APK File

$ mv application.apk
$ unzip

STEP 3: Extract Class Files

$ classes.dex

This will generate a jar file containing the class file.

STEP 4: Decompile Class Files

$ java -jar path-to/jd-cli.jar application.jar
$ jar xvf application.src.jar


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$ ./gradlew
$ cd dex-tools/build/distributions
$ unzip

Then use the found in the unzipped folder.


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